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Five Must Ask Questions When Hiring a Mobile Bar!

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Our Mobile Aerostreamliner Bar-Sippy!


This blog post will help you to hire the perfect mobile bar that best fits your event, your esthetic, and your event goals. Here’s five must-ask questions before hiring a mobile bartending service. Let's get this party started!


  • Before hiring a mobile bar company for your event, it is important to ask about their experience.

  • Find out how long they have been in the business and what types of events they have catered for in the past.

  • Look for testimonials from previous clients if possible. It is also important to ask if their bartenders are certified to serve alcohol, if they operate with or without a liquor license and if they carry liability and liquor liability insurances as these can make a stark difference in legal liabilities.

  • Unless a company is a dry bar-meaning they are providing everything EXCEPT the alcohol they cannot legally Sell you alcohol, but they can serve it.

  • You will want to make sure to ask these questions to be sure you are working with a legally compliant and legitimate business.


  • When hiring a mobile bar, you should also enquire about their services.

  • Do they provide all the necessary equipment, or will you need to provide anything?

  • How many bartenders do they provide per number of guests? What alcoholic beverages are included in their service?

  • What non-alcoholic options do they have? Can they create a custom package just for you?

  • Lastly, ask if they offer additional services, such as creating custom cocktails or festive décor?


  • This is an essential question for setting your budget. Knowing how services are priced and any associated fees can help you plan. Pricing structures vary by bar and region, but drinks' prices are typically based on their alcohol content, ingredients, or a combination of both.

  • The cost of the drink is also determined by any additional services offered such as garnishing, mixed drinks, upgraded liquors, ice, cups, specialty picks, etc. Additionally, often mobile bars offer happy hour specials for reduced prices on select beverages and nights. These are great ways to create an event within your budget.

  • Do not be afraid to share your budget. Bar companies want to be able to provide an excellent experience for you and your guests and that includes working with your budget.

  • There are myriad options-so a company should be able to put together a custom package to meet your needs.


  • It is essential to know what type of alcohol your mobile bartender is familiar with and able to serve. Ask your mobile bar provider about the kinds of alcohol they have experience serving, such as beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails.

  • Do they have a specialty or interesting item that may set them apart from other mobile bars such as a smoked old fashion or adult slushie style beverages?

  • You will also want to ask if they are familiar with local craft beers and wines from the area.

  • Knowing what type of drinks your bartender can serve will help you determine if they are qualified for the job and if they can build a menu to your liking and that your guests will love.


  • Many mobile bartending companies offer additional services with their standard items, such as providing glassware, setting up a full bar, providing additional mixers, upgraded garnishes, or pairing with a food truck or caterer. Other bartenders may offer specialty syrups, infusions, or custom drink creations.

  • Make sure to ask if any additional services are offered before hiring a mobile bartender to ensure that you get the best value for money and that all your needs are met.


  • With a bit of research and the right questions, you can find the perfect mobile bar for your next event!

  • Asking questions before hiring a mobile bartending service will ensure your event will be successful and enjoyable for everyone.

  • Investing in quality bartending services is a fantastic way to add convenience, fun and elegance to your event!

The Sip Rig offers a unique and exciting mobile bar experience that provides your event with an intimate bar experience at whatever scale you need. We are fully licensed and insured. Try us for your next event so you can enjoy your event while we take care of everything for you. We make event bars easy!

Let’s Get Sipping!

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